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Velkomin ÷ll. Spjallbor­in Ý vefkerfinu eru ekki ÷ll komin Ý gang en ef vi­ erum lÝka me­ Facebook hˇp. Endilega kÝki­ ■anga­. - Kv. Ëli
SŠl veri­ ■i­, Vi­ erum ß fullu a­ koma kerfinu af sta­. Vi­ erum lÝka a­ ■ř­a ■a­ sem vi­ getum. Ůi­ afsaki­ vonandi a­ sumar ■ř­ingar eru kl˙­urslegar - ■a­ er vegna ■ess a­ vi­ erum a­ ■ř­a strengi ˙r ensku sem gera t.d. ekki rß­ fyrir fallbeygingu. kv. Ëli


Dreif­ur prˇfarkalestur Rafbˇkavefsins er veflŠg a­fer­ til a­ koma eldri prentu­um texta ß rafbˇkaform.

═ yfirlestri fß notendur annars vegar skanna­a mynd og hins vegar ljˇslesinn text. Ůannig er au­velt a­ bera ljˇslesna textann vi­ upprunalegu sÝ­una. Ůegar fyrsti yfirlesarinn er b˙inn me­ sÝ­una fŠr annar s÷mu sÝ­u til a­ athuga hvort fleiri villur finnist ■ar..

Ůegar allar sÝ­urnar hafa veri­ yfirlesnar fara ■Šr Ý eftirvinnslu ■ar sem ■eim er safna­ saman Ý rafbˇk sem er ÷llum a­gengileg ß Rafbˇkavefnum..

How You Can Help

  • Register with the site as a volunteer
  • Donate to the Distributed Proofreaders Foundation.

Registered volunteers may contribute to Distributed Proofreaders in several ways including proofreading, "smooth reading" pre-released e-books to check for errors, managing projects, providing content, or even helping develop improvements to the site. Volunteers may also join other members of our community in our forums to discuss these and many other topics.

Volunteering at Distributed Proofreaders

It's easy to volunteer at Distributed Proofreaders. Simply register as a volunteer. Once you've confirmed your registration by e-mail, you'll receive an introductory e-mail with basic instructions on how to log in and use the site. Then, you're ready to sign in and start learning to proofread or visit the smooth reading page to pick an e-book to read! Wherever you go, you'll find lots of information to help you get started.

There is no commitment expected on this site beyond the understanding that you do your best. Spend as much or as little time as you like. We encourage you to proofread at least a page a day and/or smooth read a book as often as your time allows, but it's entirely up to you.

We hope you will join us in our mission of "preserving the literary history of the world in a freely available form for everyone to use."

Distributed Proofreaders regrets that we are unable to verify court-ordered community service because our system cannot adequately record time spent participating.

Current Progress

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These books have been processed through our site and posted to the Project Gutenberg archive.

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Our community of proofreaders, project managers, developers, etc. is composed entirely of volunteers.
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Recently Completed Titles

Recently Begun

  • "ParadÝsarmissir"—John Milton / Jˇn Ůorlßksson ß BŠgisß (═slenska)
  • "Tyrkjarßni­ ß ═slandi 1627"—Jˇn Ůorkelsson 1859 - 1924 (═slenska)
  • "Norsk Šfintřri (1. bindi)"—Peter Christen Asbj°rnsen 1812 - 1885, J°rgen Engebretsen Moe 1813 - 1882, Jens Steindˇr Benediktsson 1910 - 1946 (═slenska)

Distributed Proofreaders was founded in 2000 by Charles Franks to support the digitization of Public Domain books. Originally conceived to assist Project Gutenberg (PG), Distributed Proofreaders (DP) is now the main source of PG e-books. In 2002, Distributed Proofreaders became an official PG site. In May 2006, Distributed Proofreaders became a separate legal entity and continues to maintain a strong relationship with PG.